CryptoPunk #7252 NFT
CryptoPunk #7252, sold for $5.3 Million

NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) have become the center of attention in the cryptocurrency world in 2021. I am sure everybody in the space has heard the term but do we really know what NFT’s are and what the craze is really about?

What are NFT’s?

Being non fungible means that an…

MarketMove Charts View
MarketMove Charts

The highly anticipated feature had its release on November 7th. It’s a crucial milestone for our platform — it now enables our current users and community members to use a very fast and polished charting interface and at the same time exposes MarketMove to many new potential investors.

Going away…

Staking is a great way to extract more value from an investment, many experienced investors stake their tokens to generate passive income. The whole process however can be somewhat intimidating for newcomers. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly is staking and why you should consider it when investing.

slipping person (clipart) on a chart line

When swapping tokens on the Binance Smart Chain traders are faced with the issue of determining the slippage tolerance for the transaction. For experienced investors this is nothing new but for new investors this step can be somewhat of a challenge. …

MarketMove’s mission can be simplified to one sentence: to make crypto investments safe. The whole suite of tools provided by the platform is being developed with that single thought in mind. Of course, there are multiple steps on the way to achieve such an outcome.

We want to lower the…

With the overwhelming number of new tokens launched every day, it has become very difficult to find and track them — especially, if you keep expanding your portfolio. A lot of scammers and con artists also try to take advantage of the enthusiastic Blockchain community (and others). It is very…

We know how essential it is to have complete control over your investment and fully understand it. For this reason, we have been working on the MarketMove app — a one-stop solution for investing on the BSC network: from AI-driven contract audits to limit orders on PancakeSwap and social media trackers. Say goodbye to projects with no actual use case and join MarketMove!

Holding a specific number of MarketMove tokens will grant access to selected features of the app, which will serve as an additional buying incentive.


An AI-driven platform to help people invest safely and knowingly in cryptocurrencies. Our dream is to clear the crypto space of malpractice. Join the MOVEment!

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