MarketMove: Charts release

2 min readNov 9, 2021


MarketMove Charts View
MarketMove Charts

The highly anticipated feature had its release on November 7th. It’s a crucial milestone for our platform — it now enables our current users and community members to use a very fast and polished charting interface and at the same time exposes MarketMove to many new potential investors.

Going away from the ‘memecoin’ aesthetic was one of our major goals for the interface. With many projects on the BSC slowly moving away from so called ‘memecoins’ and shifting towards more utility based projects, our platform fills the need for a serious trading platform in the space.

Community Feedback

We have received a lot of positive feedback from our community, the majority of whom are more than satisfied by the look, speed and user experience of MarketMove Charts. As with everything in the world however, the tool isn’t perfect. User feedback is invaluable to us and the developer team is already hard at work on implementing and improving features based on feedback from our early adopters.

Within 48 hours of the release, the platform has already been used by over 3,000 unique visitors from around the globe. With how well the platform has been received, we expect this number to only increase within the coming weeks thanks to our continued marketing efforts.

MarketMove Charts Analytics (users/country)
MarketMove Charts: first 48 hours unique visits

What’s next for MarketMove?

MarketMove’s developer team is constantly working on new features as well as updating and improving existing features. Our Contract Audit will soon transform into AI Security Audit, meaning that not only will it be able to scan contracts but also verify other key aspects such as the liquidity, holders and wallet sizes. The security audit will be followed by the introduction of our next trading features that will enable investors to place trades and limit orders using the MarketMove app. Apart from all the exciting upcoming updates, MarketMove is also working closely with a reputable design firm on rebranding key elements such as the website and logo, thus continuing the shift towards becoming an established and authoritative business in the DeFi sector. Stay Tuned for more updates from the MarketMove team.




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