MOVE X Development Update

4 min readMay 24, 2022


Earlier this year the MOVE X vision and roadmap were released. Since then the development team has been working hard on delivering the promised features, building a strong foundation for the MarketMove project.

MOVE X Rewards

Affiliate programs are a big reason for the rapid growth of many platforms in the crypto industry. The MOVE X Rewards program aims to bring the same viral effect to the MOVE token and MOVE Xchange. The launch of the program was a great success with hundreds of new holders joining our community daily and top affiliates already earning thousands of dollars for sharing their referral links. Many of these partners learned about Rewards organically, which further proves its potential.

The launch of the program is just the first step in growing the viral potential of MarketMove. MOVE X Rewards will be further leveraged for paid advertising and influencer partnerships. The marketing team and our advisors are constantly working on pioneering new ways to promote the project. A large scale campaign will be rolled out to promote the soon-to-be-released MOVE Xchange and its revolutionary features.

MOVE Xchange

Many investors still refer to centralized exchanges for their trading needs in large part due to the substantially better rates. Move Xchange aims to help users take the next step in fully transitioning to a DEX-only trading routine. The platform is a DEX aggregator, which leverages AI to find the best possible rates and uses multiple liquidity pools to generate the best possible rate for any given trade, letting users save up to 5% on each swap. To put things into perspective, $50,000 can be saved out of every $1,000,000 traded, which really makes a difference in the big picture once the mass adoption comes in.

Examples of different swap routes, chosen by our algorithm. Click to zoom in.

The feature will help people transition away from centralized exchanges and start trading with full custody of their own funds. Limit orders will also be available for MOVE Xchange users — a feature that has been highly requested by the community. The platform is currently in the testing phase and will be released to the public once we are confident that it’s fully secure and bulletproof.

As for the design of the platform, we have partnered with one of the most renowned design agencies. This collaboration helped us further refine and improve the look and user experience of the platform.

MOVE Xchange is the core of the whole MOVE X ecosystem. It also provides an essential factor to the project — utility for the MOVE token. MOVE will be the currency within the platform, used to pay for fees and specific features.

We plan to first release the full version of Move Xchange on the BNB Chain, then expand it to other blockchains, making it multi-chain.


The majority of MOVE holders share our long-term vision and want their investment to earn interest. Staking will offer variable rates, rewarding the most committed supporters with the highest rates. The expected APY will be directly linked with revenue generated from the MOVE Xchange, this allows our holders to be directly rewarded for the development of the platform.

Staking is expected to be released soon after MOVE Xchange.

Further Roadmap

The full roadmap can be found on our Gitbook. It will be regularly updated with all the new information.

Visit to get familiar with our upcoming features.

If you want to stay up to date with our latest updates, make sure to join our community on our various social media channels.

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